Lightleaks ( light leaks - steaks of light across film negatives caused by faulty foam seals ) is the website that showcases the analogue photography of Russ the Webmaster. Here you will find photos taken mostly with film and also some digital images. Well i've started taking more digital images now I have had time to source a couple of really good cameras. I also collect cameras and repair them where possible. I use most types of film that are available and even some that have long gone.

People say film is dead, Well is not! With people like the impossible project and lomography manufacturing & selling film and cameras its alive and kicking. There is also new 55 film who are working on re-inventing polaroid peel apart 4x5 film. It seems that people are coming back to film or did they ever leave.

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Impossible I-1 Analogue Camera

I love the idea of the Impossible I-1 the new instant camera and I must admit I would like to own one! The Impossible project have reinvented instant film and now they have reinvented the instant camera. You can control the camera by a mobile app as well and it has a...

Photography by Fiat Lux

A great track for a site like this Photography by Fiat Lux


Film Stock seems to be like buses you wait nfor ages and then two come along at once 'Ferrania P30' is an 80 asa panchro film from Italy. Well I say new as this a reintroduction of the legendary P30 film produced by Ferrania during the 1960s. It was brought to the...

Lomography Color Negative Film F²/400

Lomography Color Negative Film F²/400 The guy's at Lomography have released a new 35mm film stock it is a color negative film. It is made from a jumbo roll of film they bought from an Italian filmmaker and then they stored the film in oak casks for seven years. The...

Why Light leaks

People often ask me about why I call the site Light Leaks well this is a good example, The shot is called NYC On Fire. The city is not actually on fire but light is getting in through the back of the camera as I bent the film back slightly while loading a film and the...

Travelwide by Wanderlust 4×5 Camera

The above image was taken using the Wanderlust Travelwide, This is a great 4x5 camera as it is light and compact for a 4x5. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign but it seems due to the problems the guy's encounted they seem to have called it a day! which is a shame...

If you want to get back into film then visit eBay where you can buy both cameras and film at really cool prices and then take your exposed film to Max Spielmann where they will be happy to process it for you. Or why not do it yourself it is easier than you think and you can get everything you need from Silverprint. You don’t need a darkroom to process film just a light proof bag and a processing kit! So what are you waiting for dump the digital and give film a go!


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