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we will add reviews, info, images and stuff to this blog as and when we have it. I hope you like reading this blog and if not let us know why.

Why Light leaks

People often ask me about why I call the site Light Leaks well this is a good example, The shot is called NYC On Fire. The city is not actually on fire but light is getting in through the back of the camera as I bent the film back slightly while loading a film and the...

Travelwide by Wanderlust 4×5 Camera

The above image was taken using the Wanderlust Travelwide, This is a great 4x5 camera as it is light and compact for a 4x5. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign but it seems due to the problems the guy's encounted they seem to have called it a day! which is a shame...


'LIGHTS' Taken with a Lomography LCA+ Wide using Rollei Redbird

Found Films!

Here we have two images that I found on a couple of rolls of film I found in a draw. The bubble image was taken with a Minox 35 using Kodak 200 Colour Film. The Barber image was taken with Canon EOS IX using Fuji APS film

Hipstamatic Pinhole

The above images are taken with an iPhone 6 using the Hipstamatic app and the new pinhole pack! It's a great pack and it is available in the app store. You can visit their web page HERE The hipstamatic app is a great adittion to your iphone it has a wide ranges of...

Mercury: The World’s First Universal Camera

Well the new Mercury Camera from Mercury Works looks like it might mean that half my camera collection will become redundant! It is a medium format camera that can change into a large format camera. It does not stop there you can also shoot with a wide range of film...

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