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Instax Square SQ10 a Hybrid Camera

INSTAX SQUARE  SQ10 I love instant film and i've had the Fuji SQ10 awhile now I used the free film and a pack I was given and then forgot about it as i've got loads of cameras and it just got pushed to the back of the pile. But i've dug it out to take on my next trip...

LIGHTLEAKS 1 400x250 BLOG  Image of 1 400x250

Christmas with the Sigma DP2 Merrill

SIGMA DP2 MERRILL Here are some pictures taken with the Sigma DP2 Merrill a fantastic little digital camera and one i keep stuffed in my pocket! Click on the image below to open the gallery The Sigma DP2 Merrill is an update to the DP2x with a new body and the...

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A1 some test shots with the Canon A-1

CANON A1 I was given a Canon A1 recently and after replacing the seals, stopping the Canon cough and giving it a good clean I took it out for a walk and i've got some good news... it seems to be in perfect working order. I also developed a film that was in the camera...

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Toronto – Five Frames with Ilford FP4

Here we have five frames taken with Ilford FP4 and an Olympus OM1 camera with a Olympus 135mm f3.5 lens. They were taken in Toronto at the beginning of July 2019.I  love usung black and white film and this combination seems to work really well. Click on the Gallery...

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Olympus OM1

OLYMPUS OM1  Well i've had an Olympus OM10 for awhile and hardly used it but I bought an OM1 a few months ago and it has gradually become my favourite camera! It's light and easy to use and some of the lenses are amazing. I have the standard 50mm f1.8,...

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Purple – Olympus OM1 – Kodak 200 film and some gels!

Purple : These images are taken with an Olympus OM1 using Kodak 200 film with two different film gels cut and placed in a cokin filter holder. The gels were numbered 061 and 079 and i'm not sure what colours they were as I didn't have the book they were...

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Wanderlust Travelwide Camera – Polaroid Images

WANDERLUST TRAVELWIDE CAMERAHere are a few Fujifilm FP-100C45 taken with a Wanderlust Travelwide 4x5 camera. This camera was funded through kickstarter that seems to have had one production run and then the company folded. You can see more info HERE. I love this...

LIGHTLEAKS impossible i 1 camera 400x250 BLOG  Image of impossible i 1 camera 400x250

Impossible I-1 A few black and white images

The Impossible I-1 instant camera is now a lost camera as the impossible project is now part of Polaroid Originals. It is no longer made or supported. It has had its problems but I really like it as it looks really cool. Here are a few images taken with...

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Polaroid SLR680 – Third Man Records Duochorome Film

Took my Polaroid SLR680 out this morning with a impossible 'third man records' edition film installed. This film is a yellow duochrome edition and its cracking! I wish i'd have bought a few more packs! You can vist third man records HERE . Below are a few...

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Olympus OM-1 and Kodak 400 around Manchester

These images are taken in Manchester with a Olympus OM-1 and Kodak 400 film. It was overcast and I just went for a walk around the backstreets of the Northern Quarter OLYMPUS OM-1From WikipediaThe first model was presented...

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Well I’ve been thinking of this for a while and with the new year it's going to happen! What is the 'Lightleaks Challenge' I here you ask?Where do I begin at the start, I suppose...?I supply you with a camera and that camera will be the Cosina CX-2 the camera that...

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FED 3 Camera with TMAX 400 film

These images were taken with a FED 3, 35mm film camera these cameras were made in the Ukraine between 1961-1979. The FED 3 is a Ukrainian rangefinder camera inspired by classic Leicas. Over two million were produced between 1961-79....

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