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Well the title of this post sounds like a 80’s detective but infact the MaxStone is a camera remote you can use with your iPhone! It started life on Kickstarter (LINK) but now it is funded and it’s in the shops you so you can find them HERE it is a fantastic piece of kit that lets you control the shutter on loads of different cameras using an iphone app! It can also be used to control the camera on your iphone to take selfies or timed photos as there is a button on the stone itself. The max connects to your phone via bluetooth and it is so easy to connect that even I managed it first time. I’ve used it with both digital cameras and some analogue cameras including aps film cameras.

With the app you take photos at the touch of a button and also with a delay of up to 10 seconds. It also comes with different modes for Timelapse, Bulb Auto/Manual mode and a Video mode! and it also has a sensor a bit like the find my phone app but with a limited range which bleeps if it goes out of a 5m range so you can attach it to your camera bag to make sure nobody moves it. Another neat feature is that it has a temperature and pressure sensor so you can stay abreast of changing weather conditions wherever you are.

I love the feel of this device as it has a very tactile feel to it and I have two a black one and a mint coloured one so I can leave one in each of my camera bags.


If you want to know more please visit the site HERE, as stated at the moment it is only available for iphone but they are working on a android version.



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