LIGHTLEAKS my-cameras

Here is my list of my cameras, It does need a bit of updating and I am trimming my camera collection down so I can use the cash to buy other items.

I’ll add images and info for each of them soon. You can view my wanted list : HERE :

Here is a list of my most used cameras I will post reviews in my BLOG and you can buy images taken with these cameras STORE

LIGHTLEAKS rollei-35
  • Bronica ETRSi (120) – POST
  • Canon A1 (35mm)
  • Cosina CX2 (35mm)
  • Fuji Instax Mini 90 (Instax Mini)
  • Fujipet (120)
  • Graflex Crown Graphic (4x5)
  • Great Wall DF4 (120)
  • Kiev Back Pinhole (120)
  • Leica IIIc (35mm)
  • Lomo LCA120 (120)
  • Mercury Rezza (Various)
  • Mercury M-Press (Various)
  • Minolta S1(APS)
  • Nikon F3 (35mm)
  • Nikon F4 (35mm)
  • Nikon Pronea 600i (APS)
  • Olympus 35SP (35mm)
  • Olympus OM1n (35mm)
  • Polaroid SLR680 (Instant)
  • Polaroid SX-70 (Instant)
  • Rollei 35 (35mm)
  • Samsung NX200 (Digital)
  • Sigma DP2 Merrill (Digital)
  • Wanderlust Travelwide (4x5)
  • Yashica Mat 124G (120)
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