Here is a list of the cameras i’m using at the moment.

  • Bronica ETRSi (120)
  • Contax Tix (APS Film)
  • Fuji Instax SQ10 (Instax Square)
  • Horseman Convertible (120)
  • Intrepid Mk5 (4×5)
  • Minolta S1(APS)
  • Olympus OM4-Ti (35mm)
  • Ondu 6×6 Pocket Pinhole (120)
  • Sigma DP2 Merrill (Digital

This is my WANTED list, if you have any of these and you want it to go to a good home then please let me know! You can get in touch using the contact form – HERE

  • Hassleblad 903 or 905 SWC
  • Horseman SW612 Pro
  • Nikon 35TI
  • Fuji X100 VI
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