I’ve not used instagram much but i’m going to start as it is fab for getting your shots online in an instant!

You can see more of my photos HERE

Well it’s started
Well @kelleystoltz was fantastic last night!
Well sat in a chair just like this one in The Hyde Park Book Club as it seems @kelleystoltz is playing tonight!
Just having a wigout to @kelleystoltz new album it is quite fab
A lost track a track and two different versions!
A week ago!
My travelling companions for today
Brewdog Vegas….. not to shabby for a rooftop bar!
Mexico knows what’s what!
Well a nice quick test @intrepidcamera
Sometimes a camera takes you by surprise and no it’s not an expensive top of the range all singing and dancing kinda thing…..
So good they named it twice!
Suede : Lincoln 2023
Opus Kink in Sheffield 05/12/23 what a gig!
I always thought it was the cat in the hat?
Thanks to @dacktattoo for the death cult tattoo @billyduffyofficial @officialcult 8323 it’s been a fab journey!
Thanks @dacktattoo for the @pwei_official tattoo! Hope you have recovered 😂🫣👍
@theatomage just got back from my jollies and I just had to play it straight away…. and how fookin’ good is this!!!
@sgtwillfuzz is going out on a book tour…. So if you want to get up close and personal then get a wiggle on down!!
Right I’ve a few rolls of these but I’ve never used them before, any tips!
The Atom Age - Hellcat…. Thanks @dacktattoo @theatomage

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