Click on the images below to view some of my photographs or you can visit Lomography  where you can find loads more PHOTOGRAPHS the good, the bad and the darn right ugly!

120 FILM VIEW 120 film and also 220 film is available in a wide range of types and ASA ratings and is still produced and is growing in popularity.
35mm FILM VIEW 35mm is the most popular type of film and is available in all film stocks.
4x5 FILM VIEW 4x5 film is a professional film mainly used in field cameras and gives fantastic results

APS FILM VIEW APS film has three formats H, C and P (High Definition, Classic and Panoramic) It’s also one of the only film sizes I use that is no longer in production….

IMPOSSIBLE FILM VIEW Impossible Film is made by the impossible project and they are responsible for the re-invention of the classic polaroid integral print film for use in the SX-70 and 600 cameras
INSTAX FILM VIEW fuji instax film is available in two different sizes ‘mini’ and ‘wide’ it is like the old polaroid 600 film.
POLAROID FILM VIEW Polaroid Film here we have the peel apart pack film from polaroid and fuji, polaroid film is no longer made and fuji are only making two types now the standard sized FP100C and FP3000B….. I just hope they continue!

DIGITAL IMAGES VIEW Here you will find various digital images taken with digital cameras. I also use smartphones or tablets using various apps.

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