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LIGHTLEAKS lightleaks challenge BLOG  Image of lightleaks challenge


Well I’ve been thinking of this for a while and with the new year it's going to happen! What is the 'Lightleaks Challenge' I here you ask?Where do I begin at the start, I suppose...?I supply you with a camera and that camera will be the Cosina CX-2 the camera that...

LIGHTLEAKS Fed3 Sheff 3A BLOG  Image of Fed3 Sheff 3A

FED 3 Camera with TMAX 400 film

These images were taken with a FED 3, 35mm film camera these cameras were made in the Ukraine between 1961-1979. The FED 3 is a Ukrainian rangefinder camera inspired by classic Leicas. Over two million were produced between 1961-79....

LIGHTLEAKS monitor BLOG  Image of monitor

Olympus OM1 and Kodak CN400

Here are a few images taken with my Olympus OM1 using Kodak CN400 film. The OM1 is a fantastic camera and they are built to last, it was first made in 1972 and was an instant hit and has been updated over the years. FROM WIKIPEDIA The first...

LIGHTLEAKS Nikon F4 BLOG  Image of Nikon F4

NIKON F4 – 35-105mm Nikkor F3.5 ~ 4.5

NIKON F4 The Nikon F4 is a heavy weight in more ways than one. It is heavy but its features make up for that. It can do just about everything. It was Nikon's first auto focus camera  and it can take the full range of manual and AF lenses. I love the...

LIGHTLEAKS london village one BLOG  Image of london village one

London Village – Olympus Mju 170VF

London Village - Two images taken with a Olympus Mju 170VF compact camera using Kodak CN400 black and white film. These were taken on a walkabout while I was in London doing a training course. OLYMPUS CAMERAS MORE 35MM PHOTOS MJU - From...

LIGHTLEAKS river crossing BLOG  Image of river crossing

River Crossing – Nikon F3

River Crossing - This image was taken with a Nikon F3 with a 50mm F1.8 lens. I used Ilford F4 (125asa) film. This is a picture of a river crossing on the river ryton just near the Worksop bypass. ILFORD FILM MORE 35MM IMAGES ILFORD FILM Ilford...

LIGHTLEAKS set sail BLOG  Image of set sail

Set Sail – Nikon F3

Set Sail - This image was found on a roll of Kodak 200asa film I took on my holiday in March, i'd put it in the den and forgot about it. I used a Nikon F3 with a 50mm lens and a cokin filter - SET SAIL.   NIKON F3 (Wiki Post) The Nikon F3 was Nikon's...

LIGHTLEAKS angel face BLOG  Image of angel face

Angel Face – The Face Of An Angel

ANGELS I'm a big fan of graveyards as I've spent a lot of time in them doing family research. I love grave stones and in particularly angels. Not sure why I just do maybe they just seem to take the best photos? I've taken loads of images of this one with...

LIGHTLEAKS wood BLOG  Image of wood

Nice walk on a summer’s day!

Well a nice summer's day for a walk with my Sigma DP2 Merrill, the sun was out so a walk through the fields was in order. Here are a few images from my walk. SIGMA CAMERAS From the Sigma website With its compact...

LIGHTLEAKS out of the blue BLOG  Image of out of the blue

In to the blue – taken with an iPhone 6

Into the blue taken with an iphone 6! It's amazing how far phone cameras have come in the last few years. It also seems Leica are getting in on the act as well with the Huawei P20 Pro, this camera looks fab and i'm trying to get hold of one to try, it is a shame apple...

LIGHTLEAKS statue puerto rico scaled BLOG  Image of statue puerto rico scaled

Puerto Rico – Statue in the Sun – Samsung NX

I've just got back from a trip that included Puerto Rico and Miami, I'll be posting more images soon but this one is called 'Statue in the Sun' as in the UK on the same day I took this it snowed buckets and shut everything down for days! INFO Puerto Rico,...

LIGHTLEAKS fuji neo 1 BLOG  Image of fuji neo 1

Fuji Neo Classic Instax Camera – A Review

Fuji Neo Classic Instax Camera I've had this camera for a while and not really used it, but lately i've been putting it in my pocket and I have really got to like it. It's light and quite compact and it is really easy to use it also looks quite cool. It has a few...

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