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Photography by Fiat Lux unreleased Bill Nelson demo

A great track for a site like this Photography by Fiat Lux, Photography was the second single released by the band and this is the unreleased Bill Nelson demo recording. You can read more about Fiat Lux HERE  You can view more of my Photographs HERE Photography...

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Film Stock seems to be like buses you wait for ages and then two come along at once 'Ferrania P30' is an 80 asa panchro film from Italy. Well I say new as this a reintroduction of the legendary P30 film produced by the italian company during the 1960s. It was brought...

LIGHTLEAKS Lomography Color Negative F²400 Film 770x513 BLOG  Image of Lomography Color Negative F²400 Film 770x513

Lomography Color Negative Film F²/400

Lomography Color Negative Film F²/400 The guy's at Lomography have released a new 35mm film stock it is a color negative film. It is made from a jumbo roll of film they bought from an Italian filmmaker and then they stored the film in oak casks for seven years. The...


Why call your website Light leaks

People often ask me about why I call the site Light Leaks well this is a good example, The shot is called NYC On Fire. The city is not actually on fire but light is getting in through the back of the camera as I bent the film back slightly while loading a film and the...

LIGHTLEAKS Wanderlust Polaroid BLOG  Image of Wanderlust Polaroid

Travelwide by Wanderlust 4×5 Camera

The above image was taken using the Wanderlust Travelwide, This is a great 4x5 camera as it is light and compact for a 4x5. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign but it seems due to the problems the guy's encounted they seem to have called it a day! which is a shame...

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Redscale 'LIGHTS' Taken with a Lomography LCA+ Wide using Rollei Redbird you can view more of my photos HERE Red Scale Film : Wikipedia Says : edscale is a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side, i.e. the emulsion is...


Found 35mm and APS Films!

Here we have two images that I found on a couple of rolls of film I found in a draw. The bubble image was taken with a Minox 35 using Kodak 200 Colour Film. The Barber image was taken with Canon EOS IX using Fuji APS film. You can view more of my photos HERE APS Film...

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Hipstamatic Pinhole

The above images are taken with an iPhone 6 using the Hipstamatic app and the new pinhole pack! It's a great pack and it is available in the app store. You can visit their web page HERE The hipstamatic app is a great adittion to your iphone it has a wide ranges of...

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Mercury: The World’s First Universal Camera

Well the new Mercury Camera from Mercury Works looks like it might mean that half my camera collection will become redundant! It is a medium format camera that can change into a large format camera. It does not stop there you can also shoot with a wide range of film...


Diana Dreamer Lomo Camera

This is an image taken on a Diana Dreamer camera with 120 Kodak film. It is cross-processed as it was an E6 film and it was put through C41 chemistry. You can see more of my photos HERE Here is what Wikipedia say's about the camera : The Diana camera is a...

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Spectra! – A really cool Polaroid camera

Here are some images using a Polaroid Spectra Onxy! The film is Impossible Black and White. It was rubbish weather this bank holiday so I decided you get my spectra copy stand out and my onxy camera and copy some old magazine images. Here are the results. MORE...


New York 1996 – Olympus Trip 35

These were taken in 1996 in New York while I was on honeymoon! they were taken with an Olympus Trip using Kodak film. ( NEW YORK ) More Photos OLYMPUS TRIP 35 WIKIPEDIA The Trip 35 is a 35mm compact camera, manufactured by Olympus. It was introduced in 1967 and...

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