Impossible I-1

The Impossible I-1 instant camera is now a lost camera as the impossible project is now part of Polaroid Originals. It is no longer made or supported. It has had its problems but I really like it as it looks really cool. Here are a few images taken with out of date impossible film two using the iphone app connected to the camera and the rest taken as normal. Again the app also has its problems as its not being updated but don’t let that stop you buying the camera. you can view more images HERE


The Impossible I-1 camera is probably one of the most advanced instant cameras ever made, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and integrated smartphone app. With this, you can do all kinds of cool stuff, like take double-exposures, create light paintings, take photos at the clap of your hands using sound triggers, and control every tiny detail in manual mode. From experimental photography to studio portraiture, it’s great for any analog enthusiast who wants to give their instant photos a little touch of digital precision. You know what they say, best of both worlds and all that jazz.

Analog, meet digital.

About the series

The Impossible I-1 camera is an instant camera with a difference. It takes analog instant film like our classic Polaroid models, but thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity and the I-1 smartphone app, it can do things other instant cameras could only dream of. If you want more creative control, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Technical Specifications

Impossible I-1 i-Type Camera
5 zone autofocus system with reflective IR ranging
12 LED advanced ring flash
Bluetooth connectivity with free I-1 smartphone app
6 lenses, with 5 possible configurations
500 mAh high performance rechargeable lithium ion battery
Focal length: 82 mm – 109 mm Field of view
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