The Horseman 842 Convertible
This fantastic camera takes 6×9 and 6×7 film backs and i’ve tried both Horseman backs and also the Graflex/Singer backs and these work fine. This camera has an 62mm F:5.6 lens and it takes fantastic images. When you search online it brings up few results so it seems to be a rather over looked beast!

It is a camera of three main parts the lens board of which there is only the 65mm lens available maybe more were planned but I don’t actually think it sold in large numbers so these plans were probably shelved . The main body frame this sits between the lens board and camera back and holds the viewer and two tripod screws. Then there is the film holders which were available in 120 and 220 formats. It also came with two addons a ground glass holder and a cover for the back for when a film holder wasn’t installed (but I don’t have these!). I have also found a Sigma VF21 viewfinder works well if you don’t get on with the built in sports finder and i usually add a rangefinder and a hotshoe lightmeter to the setup.

The lens has speeds from B to 500 and stops from f:5.6 to f:32 which means the camera works well in all lighting conditions. The lens also holds a 43mm filter. I have made my own ground glass with a hood for when I need to be critical with the focus. I have had this camera awhile and really forgot about it, until I saw a post on Twitter about how good it was and I thought hold on i’ve got one of those! So i’ll post some photos soon as it is now getting used again….

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