Agfa Isola

A good starter camera for the 120 film 6x6cm format these are cheap to buy and give good results using all film types. There are a few different models available due to slight modifications throughout the production run. Not a lot can go wrong with the agfa isola and if it does they are easily fixed. ( more info )

The Agfa Isola was a medium format cameras made by Agfa in Germany. There were three models, the original Isola, Isola I and Isola II. All isola cameras use 120 roll film for 6x6cm frames. The lens is collapsible and once extended, it was turned to lock back in storage position. The shutter release is interlocked with the lens extension and you can only engage the shutter when the lens is extended. Winding on the film is also required as the Isola feature a double exposure guard. when the indicator above shutter-button is red you cannot take an exposure and it means you have to wind on to the next frame. It’s a handy feature but you can’t disengage it so voluntary double exposures are not possible. The lens Agfa Agnar, (on the Isola II), is a simple triplet design capable of taking good and fairly sharp photographs. It has blue coatings (visible on the picture above).  It’s somewhat prone to lens flare, a lens hood is certainly not a luxury with this camera. For aperture you can choose between f6.3 and f11.

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