Canon A1

Canon A-1

This is one of my most used 35mm cameras and no I’m not in the canon only camp as I also like the nikon F3. It was introduced in 1978 and was a big leap in technology at the time and it is still a fantastic camera to use and with the amount of lenses and accessories it can do anything you ask of it. One fact about the A-1 it can get a squeak when you press the shutter, I quite like this but it is easy to fix if you know what you are doing as some people hate it. You can use this camera in fully auto or manual or any combination inbetween so you should never get a bad image 🙂 . Due to the amount sold between 1978 – 1985 they are easy to pick up and you can really take your pick on price or condition and lenses are also easy to find and again if you take your time you can pick some of the rare ones up at fantastic prices.

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