Lomography Action Sampler

The action sampler a little plastic camera with four lenses – so you can get four images on one photo

  • Four sets of 26mm single element sequentially operated lenses
  • Fixed aperture
  • Uses 35mm film

I’ve used this camera a few times and I must admit I have not really had an image that really stands out maybe it’s me! But I like the idea and I suppose with it being a fixed focus and aperture you just have to get everything perfect before you hit the button! I must dig it out and give it another try as it is a nice camera to carry around. ( more info )

action sampler photo

Every picture tells a story, but if you´re looking for action-packed adventures in your pictures, the Actionsampler is the way to go! This multilens analogue beast takes 35mm pictures sliced in four sequential panels. No focusing, fixed aperture, no shutter-speed, simple technology and a great idea: The ultimate photographic challenge. All it takes is one click, and you’ll get a series of four pictures in one print – each scene captured in each frame! Simple-to-use, lightning-quick, and convenient, the Actionsampler will be your fierce ally in documenting your shenanigans.

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