I love instant film and i’ve had the Fuji SQ10 awhile now I used the free film and a pack I was given and then forgot about it as i’ve got loads of cameras and it just got pushed to the back of the pile. But i’ve dug it out to take on my next trip and i’ve bought some more film. This camera is really nice as it lets you select the image you want to print from the SD card so you don’t waste film, which is a fab idea. You can also add filters and colour select. It takes instant photography to the next level. You can view more instant images HERE


Express your creativity in an instant, with stunning direct prints from the new hybrid instax SQUARE SQ10. This camera lets you capture those ‘once in a lifetime’ memories and moments beautifully, in a stylish square format.

And because it’s a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds – the control and composition of a digital camera, with the enjoyment and tangible fun of a real photo print.


Square photos are enjoying retro look and the perfection of 1:1 aspect that adds sophostication to every photo, no matter what the composition. Enjoy a wider range of uses and forms of expression.

actual size Full film size: 86 x 72mm
Screen size: 62 x 62mm


  • Photos you’ve taken can be printed any time, as many times as you want – whatever works for you!
  • ·Save your photos to the internal memory or storage media so that you can view them whenever you want, then print your favorites.
  • ·Have fun with image effects (filters, vignettes, brightness adjustment) before or after printing.
  • ·Comes with a TFT color LCD monitor so you can edit and process images to create just the look you want. The split display allows you to view images and print them as displayed on the screen.
  • ·You can also save other images to storage media (microSD card), edit and print from SQ10.
  • ·In addition to reprints, you can find images from the print history and print them again


Fuji Instax SQ10
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