Yashica Dental Camera

Yashica Dental Camera, Well the photo season is on its way, the days are getting loger…. well they are still 24 hours long but you know what I mean and the light is getting better ( more info )

Image taken with a Dental Camera and Kodak BW400CN

The Dental Eye cameras were a series of specialized SLRs for 35mm film from Kyocera. These designs replaced the Oral-Eye series of cameras that was adapted from the Electro 35 and distributed by dental equipment company Tokyo Shizaisha.

The design was optimized for medical and scientific applications, adapting a Camera SLR body but with a fixed macro lens. The lens barrel included a ring-light flash, around the lens’ front element.

None of the Dental Eye models can be focused to infinity. They operate only in the close-focus range, down to 1:1 magnification.

  • Dental Eye (original), 55mm f/4.0 lens. Based on the Yashica FX-3, Lever film advance. Farthest focus is 1:10 magnification. Aperture is mechanically linked to focus distance.
  • Dental Eye II, 100mm f/4.0 lens. Motorized advance. Farthest focus now 1:15 magnification.
  • Dental Eye III, 100mm f/4.0 lens. Restyled, smaller body. Motorized advance and rewind. Produced from 1997-2006

This camera is for close up shooting only. The lens has a built in ring flash with a little b light for focusing. The battery pack for the ring flash looks like a motor drive. The ring flash shooting gives off a nice even almost shadowless natural light. I can not Imagine how he used this 55 mm on his patients; he had to have been pretty close to them, within inches. This camera got bad reviews for making the patients uncomfortable because the doctor had to get so close. Yashica made a few more models of this camera with 100 mm lens so the doctor does not have to work as close to the patient.

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