Well I’ve been sent this link from a few friends but it is something a select few have known for years . The photographers who refuse to abandon traditional film cameras, Take a look at the article HERE

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A bit from the article :

Film photography was supposed to have been killed off by the digital era – but a committed band of enthusiasts refuse to abandon the traditional camera. Stephen Dowling finds out why for some, film never went out of fashion.

Photographer Patrick Joust spends a great deal of time on the streets of his native Baltimore, drawn to capture both the city’s residents during the day and the lamp-lit solitude at night. He does all of this on film.

“It’s the medium that works best for the kind of work I want to do,” says Joust, who often lugs three cameras around the streets, loaded with different kinds of film.

“These old cameras can disarm people and can be the starting point for some great portraits. There’s something more friendly about film cameras, even quaint, and I try and make that work for me.”

Joust’s refusal to move to digital might seem seriously out of step, given that the vast majority of images are now taken on a digital sensor.

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