Agfa Clack

Agfa Clack

Well you could say this camera has a really crap name ‘Clack’ but that is the only crap thing about it. It was made between 1954-1965 and it was a mass produced camera for the people and used 120 film in the 6×9 format.

  • Aperture f/11 and f/12.5
  • Shutter about 1/30 plus B
  • Built-in yellow filter

Zone focusing with two steps:

  • 1-3m (3-10 feet) with a built-in close-up lens.
  • 3m (10 feet)-infinity with just an aperture ring between the lens and the film

I love this camera it’s light and it could not be easier to use and it takes good clean images fom it’s single element meniscus lens. It works best with 50 asa film but 100 asa is fine and I always use B&W film with this camera as I love the images it produces. You can pick one up in its original plastic case for around £20 and even though it is over 50 years old it will still be taking good images in another 50!

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