Bronica ETRSI

The Bronica ETRSI is a 4.5x6cm 120/220 roll film camera that is a dream to use but a little heavy to carry around for everyday use but if you do you will get stunning results. Built between 1976-1980 the build quality is fantastic all the lenses are stunning. I have a fantastic setup and love to take it out and about and I have recently bought one of the 100-220mm lenses, which is huge and has to be used with a tripod but…. it is fantastic. The interchangeable film backs also means you can swap film from shot to shot, mainly used as a studio camera these are built like tanks and can take the odd knock when out in the field.

I love this camera and everyone who uses 120 film should try one. ( a review )

The Bronica ETRSi is based on the second revision of the ETRS. It has a number of new and improved features. New features include mirror lockup switch located near the film winding crank. TTL flash metering with OTF flash exposure feature. TTL automatic flash requires the use of the SCA connector located on the shutter side of the body for attachment to a SCA flash adapters. When multiple exposure mode is enabled, the right of the viewfinder now displays a red indicator. A traditional bulb mode shutter setting is available instead of just T, but it consumes power while in use. The film advance gearing mechanism has been improved. The lower half of the body has improved grip areas. The lens release has returned to the front of the camera. The film back holder EI has been improved with locking dark slide system similar to the older 6×6 Bronicas. The new locking dark slides have a grey handle. The winder on the back insert has changed from a thumb style to a flip out crank style.

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